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01 Mar

Rent a Sailboat for a memorable trip on the ocean! Take your friends or family out on a private yacht rental in Miami for an unforgettable trip across the water to enjoy the unique scenic views of Miami Beach and the beautiful waters of Key Biscayne. If you are looking for a unique vacation experience, renting a sailboat is the way to go. With two life boats, plenty of amenities, and a full staff of professional crew and skippers, you can truly feel like you are at the top of the ocean. Whether you are a beginner or experienced boater, rent a sailboat today in Miami and see why this city is so well-known for its sailing adventures! Click here to read more about  luxury yacht charters.

Enjoy some time on the water with a variety of water sports available for charter. From dog racing to sailing and catamaranning, you can enjoy many water sports during your time on the boat. You can also enjoy a relaxing meal and a comfortable stay aboard the vessel depending on what is offered in your rental package. Most charters offer chef-driven menus that feature locally caught fish and shellfish, along with cocktails and wine served on-board. Hiring a yacht rental also lets you set up several different activities, so if you want to play golf, there is enough space for everyone. If you have a larger group planning on joining you, consider setting up a fishing excursion or a catamaran excursion as a team effort!
Many yachts also have cabins on board for couples and families. Some charters even offer cabins with their own showers and amenities. You and your loved ones can enjoy romantic dinners on-board and engage in spa treatments. Other activities available in a yacht rental include tennis courts, movies, exercise and playing miniature golf. There is no reason to go anywhere but where your heart takes you when you book a cabin on a yacht. You can get the best yachts for rental at Chicago Private Yacht Rentals Inc.

When you rent a yacht rental, you are taken care of by an experienced crew. If you choose a crewed yacht rental, the captain and crew will meet with you before the trip and during the voyage to insure you are comfortable and ready to leave. You have a choice of where you want to sleep, eat, shower and have your daily personal activities taken care of. Your personalized service and attention to detail ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout your trip.

If you book a yacht rental with a crew, you are taken care of by a professional crew. The captain meets with you and the other passengers and chartered a course that takes him or her through the waters of the Caribbean. The captain ensures your safety while you enjoy yourself on-board and ashore. He or she will take care of navigating your vessel, ensuring that it stays on course and that you arrive at your destination safely.
If you are interested in taking luxury yacht charter trips, you will be required to make some investments. Most companies will require you to pay a deposit in case you book a yacht rental and then decide to cancel your reservation. This deposit can then be refunded should you decide to book another rental trip with the company. You may also want to consider special discounts that many companies offer. Some charters will provide a free bottle of champagne upon arrival as well as a free snazzy drink for guests who bring a guest.  It's good to click on this site to learn more about the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superyacht.

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